Thank you to those who attended and helped with this year’s Apple ‘N Pork Festival


  The C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum would like to thank those who attended the 51st Annual Apple ‘n Pork Festival; those who provided monetary sponsorships and grants for the event; and all who contributed their time, talents, and skills to make this year’s festival a success.  

The modest museum fundraiser, which was established to make possible the restoration and operation of the C.H. Moore Homestead and was planned around a single kettle of soup and a stack of sandwiches all those years ago, has evolved into one of Central Illinois’ largest and best-attended festivals.  The evolution is astounding. 

However, throughout the years, much has remained the same.  The event continues to be a celebration of autumn’s arrival, a tribute to our local heritage and agricultural roots, a source of community pride as we all combine our efforts to uphold this annual tradition, proceeds continue to allow the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum to operate, and, above all, we still rely on and greatly appreciate the numerous volunteers who help make the Apple ‘n Pork Festival an annual success. 

With Sincere Gratitude, 

The DeWitt County Museum Association