The southern border

Richard Koritz
Posted 6/7/24

I started to write on the Trump trial until I read this morning’s news stating Biden had signed an executive order regarding our southern border with Mexico.

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The southern border


I started to write on the Trump trial until I read this morning’s news stating Biden had signed an executive order regarding our southern border with Mexico.

The order, as reported, would allow an average of 1,500 migrants daily to cross the border, with some exceptions. That is a huge reduction and honestly reflects a much more Trump-like approach to the border.

Biden would still allow those seeking traditional asylum for fear of physical retaliation in their home countries. Unattended children would also be allowed entry. The unattended children always provides the risk that parents will simply drop their children off at the border and leave them.  That is a humanitarian concern. All in all, this is a major reversal for the Biden administration.

The Trump trial has certainly not gone the way politically that the Biden campaign anticipated. From a traditional point of view, the Trump campaign should now be on life support. In reality, the reverse appears to be happening.

Trump’s base is at an all time energized status and Trump’s campaign received massive donations the day after the jury verdict. Biden’s campaign is emphasizing “convicted felon” and immediately started its own finance campaign after the verdict. Personally, common sense is out the door in both campaigns, and we are in total confrontation mode.

But back to the border security, which almost all polls are showing as a top concern of American voters.

Biden appears to have capitulated to basically a Trump standard. That capitulation is in direct opposition to Biden’s progressive base. The Left is screaming betrayal by Biden and the Right is shouting too little, too late. Both sides may be correct. Normally doing what the American public want, i.e. securing the border, should assist the person doing the action. Normally, but probably not in this election. The Republicans are angry at Biden in any event.

The Progressive left of the Democratic party will now feel betrayed and deserted. Realistically, Biden’s action may well assist the third-party candidacies of Cornell West and Robert Kennedy. Biden makes this announcement at the beginning of the work week, which means that the pollical pundits will be discussing the issue all week. The announcement may be good for the country, but it is fraught with political risks for Biden.

Add to Biden’s turmoil is the factor that his son, Hunter Biden, is on trial for federal firearms violations this week. Biden family member have been at the court hearing and the President has voiced his support for his son. Regardless of the verdict, the trial will be a negative aspect for the Biden campaign. Trump Then we have Trump’s trial and his post-verdict comments. Trump has a First Amendment right to his opinions and he has certainly exercised them. However, personally publicly bad mouthing the judge who is going to sentence you is generally viewed as unwise in the legal community.

The American justice system is rapidly moving towards theatrics at the national level and the law seems to be a means to a political end. What we are seeing today from executive orders to jury trials is not what our democracy was designed for. This nation needs to get back to basics and remember that the nation is greater than any one politician.

DAVE NEWBERG—I owe Dave an apology and he doesn’t even know it.

Years ago, Dave was constantly complaining about the time it took him to get to Clinton from his home off of Route 10. The bridge was being worked on and the detour did take some time. I remember thinking this guy is complaining too much.

Fast forward a few years to Route 54. I live off of Route 54 on the eastern side of the power plant. The state shut the highway down for a week to replace the railroad tracks to the power plant. The detour was a pain in the backside.

The past two days the highway has had miles of one-way shutdowns to patch the surface. I have been grumbling for two weeks. Then, Newberg’s face flashed into my memory and my thoughts regarding his difficulties with road construction. His delays lasted months, mine for only a couple of weeks.

I need to learn to face events and accept them. Dave, you have my apology.