Ultimate Play Space getting some renovations


CLINTON — The Clinton Chamber of Commerce has made $2,300 available to the city to renovate the Ultimate Play Space, in Kiwanis Park.

Initially, plans were to demolish the structure because of some safety concerns caused by deterioration.  But commissioner Dan Ballenger said he thought money provided by the Chamber would be enough for the city to make the Play Space again safe for use.

Ballenger helped supervise workers last week to tear out nonessential parts of the Play Space.

“Decorative stuff that collected water and caused a lot of the rot,” he said.  “What’s left standing is the playground, and it’s all going to be revamped.”

Ballenger said he thought the $2,300 offered by the Chamber would cover the cost of materials.

“The labor is furnished by the City of Clinton employees, so that’s going to take care of the labor phase of it.”

Ballenger said he is working with a group of local residents to plan fundraising for parks maintenance and future upgrade projects.  He also mentioned possible discussions of trying to form a park district.

“The old group that put this thing together came to me and showed me how passionate they are about saving this,” Ballenger said.  “That really makes a big difference.”

Chamber executive director Marian Brisard said the money donated was in the Ultimate Play Space fund from when the structure was built in 2003.

“The Chamber has maintained that money in an account for all these years,” Brisard said.  “And this was a perfect opportunity.”