By pure happenstance, Kevin Petersson and our wives met up at Ted’s a couple of Sundays ago. We started talking about Little Galilee camp, where he is the facilities director.

Kevin went on to say how grateful he was for the volunteers at the camp. He bluntly stated that without volunteers the camp could not provide the services it does. He went on to say that he has volunteers from simple janitorial work to contractors who come in with heavy equipment and donate time and materials.

He expressed gratitude for all volunteers regardless of their skill levels. He said that being a volunteer gives the volunteer a feeling of pride in ownership of the camp. These volunteers want the services of the camp to continue and they are putting their time and effort into that endeavor.

Take a step back and look at this community. The nonprofits that are thriving all have a significant volunteer component. They are putting on pancake and sausage breakfasts, chili suppers, and selling raffle ticket to support their cause. Stop and think. Aren’t you much more inclined to donate to a cause with a volunteer supporting it than a telemarketer pushing that sale.

What I have observed is that when organizations want to go with a turnkey operation and forget the volunteers they end to fade away. I am certainly not against paying people for their work, but doesn’t a volunteer make sense in the big picture. That volunteer is invested in the organization, the paid staff has a job. Granted there are very dedicated staff, but it is that volunteer that seems to have the passion.

Kevin stated that he has a couple of retired individuals who basically work 40 hour wees at the camp as volunteers. He described one gentleman as particularly helpful. My surprise was that this individual and I have had some significant political differences over the years. I have had the opportunity to talk to this individual over the last couple of weeks about his volunteer efforts.

Today I can only say that I truly respect his efforts on behalf of the camp. He is a true volunteer and his efforts need to recognize, although I know he doesn’t want that recognition and for that reason I will leave his name out of this article. I simply urge all reading this column to take a moment and thank a volunteer that see. They are volunteering for a cause and not personal gain. A thank you goes a long way in that situation.

IOWA CAUCUS—Last night’s Iowa caucuses proved just how strong Trump is in Republican politics. Trump got more than 50 percent of the caucus votes. DeSantis and Haley together got 40 percent. It was such a victory that Asa Hutcheson and Vivek Ramaswamy have both dropped out and endorsed Trump. With all of Trump’s legal woes this is a freight train in movement.

The Democrats have chosen to ignore Iowa and New Hampshire and start their primaries in South Carolina. The reasoning being that a more diversified populace better reflects the party’s base beliefs. While that may be technically correct, it has given Trump a lot of free air time and basically nothing for the Democrats. Granted it’s a long way to November, but that Trump train is gaining momentum and Biden is still at the station.

The legal problems with a Trump candidacy are there for all to observe. At the same time there is a political movement that is also available for all to observe. 

Biden is hampered with the Hunter Biden debacle and allegations of illicit foreign business dealings. Trump is hampered with criminal indictments and civil lawsuits. At the moment both Trump and Biden appear to be the unstoppable nominees of their respective political parties.

In my opinion, both parties are convinced that their man is the only means to save the nation. Again, I believe that both parties are making terrible decisions and we are headed for a period of political crisis. Bluntly stated, the uncharted waters that our political leaders are taking us should be of great concern to all Americans.