Would this be the logic for a wind farm 'no' vote?


It has been asked what a DeWitt County board member would say when voting “yes" for the wind farm application.

 What would it look like if they vote “no”?

No, despite the fact that the nuclear power plant will close, creating a financial crisis in the near future? No, despite the opportunity to provide more work to the Arcosa plant in our own county? No, despite the fact that the opposition’s claims have been refuted by Tradewind’s experts?

The supporters efficiently spent 14 hours of testimony making the case for wind development. The opposition has thus far spent over 24 hours of testimony with many speakers not living in the footprint (of the project) and some not even in the county.

After this unnecessarily lengthy process, I think that a “yes” vote to do the right thing will suffice.  

Thank you. 

Benjamin Owens