Year’s end


The United States appears to have diminished in world standing over the past year. There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the United States was a feared adversary.

To cross the U.S. was not something that most nations or individuals really wanted to engage in.

While the US was known for its humanitarian and economic aid, it was also known as a fierce foe if challenged. We could bring our economic power to bear against those who undervalued their goods. If we were challenged in the military arena, our armed forces could and would simply overpower the opposition. 

Regardless of political affiliation, our national sovereignty and strength were used by all national administrations to keep our nation in a world leadership position and above the fray.

That situation has changed of recent times and not for the better. Today our southern border is so porous that 10,000 illegal migrants a day are crossing the border and are literally and immediately being given access to our welfare system. The benefits the government is providing are quite often more than we give our own citizens in need. That 10,000 illegal migrants a day exceeds the population of DeWitt County every two days. The U.S. is rapidly losing its national identity and national sovereignty has become a joke.

In the Middle East we have had our military forces attacked with over 100 hostile actions since the start of the Hamas/Israel war. We have responded a couple of times to attack some warehouses. The Red Sea has become treacherous for international shipping, which will cost Americans more dollars for products transported through the Suez Canal. The US is starting to look and feel like a paper tiger. That is a dangerous position for the world.

On Christmas Day three American servicemen at an American military base in Iraq were injured in a drone/missile attack conducted by Hezbollah militants. To President Biden’s credit, the President responded in a manner that previous administrations would have done. Biden authorized military responses against three manned Hezbollah military units in Iraq. The US responded with force to an attack and the President should be commended for that action.

Our border situation has now evolved to the point that Democratic Mayors I New York and Chicago are pleading for federal assistance and review of our border policies. Democratic Congressmen and ladies are now voicing their opinions that the border policy needs to be addressed. There appears to be bipartisan movement to border policy reform.

Are the current movements being put forth too little/too late or are they just in time? Let us hope that they are just In time and that America will go into the new year with resolve to be the leader of the world. Let us hope and pray the President Biden now realizes that true peace and economic prosperity comes through strength and not appeasement.

CHICAGO REMAINS BIPOLAR---In physics we are taught that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every time I go to Chicago, I question my sanity. There is much about the city that I love and then there is the aspect of the city that I simply detest. Last Friday I got both as always happens. My wife and I ventured north to have a Christmas dinner with our eldest son and his family as they had traveled back from DC.  The restaurant was north and east of O’Hare. The traffic was rather heavy, but we had the GPS and it was daylight. I then remembered that our toll road transponder was in the other car which meant I would be paying double for the tolls when I got the internet bill. No problem, we were going to have a good time. We meet at the restaurant and get some unsolicited hugs from our grandsons. Life is good. The food and service were great, as was the conversation.

We were in very good spirits. Then we had to drive home. Did I mention the traffic and O’Hare? The good old GPS took us right back by O’Hare on a Friday night before Christmas. It was dark. It was raining like crazy. The traffic was horrendous, and we were in the middle of a construction zone for miles. All of this is on toll roads, with my transponder in Clinton. My calm and collected wife simply reminds me we had a great time and we will be getting home. We got home. The only thing left is to pay that toll bill. I hope your trips to Chicago are better than mine, but I doubt it. HAPPY NEW YEAR.