Board renews appellate prosecutor agreement

Receives $1,000 break on cost over the next year


CLINTON — DeWitt County has renewed its service agreement with the Illinois Office of the State’s Attorney Appellate Prosecutor (ILSAAP).  The office provides prosecutors for special circumstances for Illinois’ state’s attorneys.

“This is a resolution we pass every year,” said DeWitt County State’s Attorney Dan Markwell.  “This is to allow the appellate prosecutor to do work that I can’t do.”

The ILSAAP would provide a special prosecutor in cases in which the state’s attorney had a conflict.

“They do all the appellate work for the office, which would cost a ton if I had to farm that out to somebody else,” Markwell said.

Under the agreement, the county pays the ILSAAP $7,000.  Markwell said the county had been paying $8,000, but state’s attorneys’ offices had received a break on the cost during COVID.

“It’s going back to $8,000, I suspect, next year,” Markwell said.  “But we’re saving a grand this year.”

The county board passed the measure unanimously.