Caulkins expresses support for stimulus

Says we need ‘a path back to economic function’


DECATUR — Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) over the weekend supported the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. (CARES).  The U.S. Senate passed the bill on Wednesday; the House passed it on Friday.

“Congress just passed the …Act that provides needed relief for the many Central Illinois small business, restaurants, hotels, music venues, bars and others suffering through the government-mandated social distancing period,” Caulkins said.  “We need to make sure workers in the 101st House District have jobs to return to once we defeat coronavirus.”

Caulkins said there was good reason for federal, state and local authorities to promote social distancing to contain the spread of the virus, but, unfortunately, this was hurting businesses.

“The just-passed CARES Act provides that relief,” he said.

Caulkins said he had concerns about the complexity, scope, and what he characterized as “pork” in the bill.  He said the infusion of capital to workers and businesses only would work if, “we have a path back to economic function.”

He said there should be a plan to return Illinois and the U.S. to work “safely but productively.”