Junior high evacuated second time in two weeks


CLINTON — Clinton Junior High School was evacuated about 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, May 14, for the second time in as many weeks due to another threat written on a bathroom wall.

CJHS Principal Josh Maxwell sent a mass voice message to parents and guardians informing them of the school’s evacuation and explaining how the school implemented a sign out policy for students to use the restroom since the initial threat two weeks ago. 

When asked if there were any leads on who might be making the threats, Superintendent Curt Nettles said he couldn’t comment because it is an ongoing investigation.

Students were back in classrooms less than 30 minutes after the threat was discovered, according to Nettles. 

Nettles said the district is taking the threats seriously and will press criminal charges. Nettles believes the threats are from students who are seeking attention. “Students misbehave because they want attention,” he said. 

Nettles asked parents to talk to their students and “if they are aware of information that could help pinpoint (the culprit) please come forward. That’s the best way to solve these issues.”