Outdoor meeting scheduled for wind farm vote

Clinton working with county for Mr. Lincoln’s Square venue July 14


CLINTON — The scheduled June 14 county board meeting to vote on the Alta Farms II wind energy permit will be conducted outdoors.
The board voted 10-0 to hold the meeting on Mr. Lincoln’s Square to make it possible for anyone interested to attend the meeting in person.  Board chairman David Newberg said he had been in contact with Clinton city officials to schedule the venue for the meeting.  Two members were absent from the June 14 meeting.
“Those individuals who had signed up to speak before the board will be placed on that agenda,” Newberg said.  

Newberg added anyone who wanted to forward materials to board members before the July 14 meeting could present those to the county clerk.
“This has been discussed with the mayor, the state’s attorney, the health department, the sheriff, the chief of police and a couple of the commissioners,” Newberg said.  “We’ve got good support on this.”
He said they would ask people to practice social distancing as much as possible and to wear masks to the meeting.  The city will block traffic to the square during the meeting to reduce noise and increase safety if the crowd spills into the street.
“We’ll have as good a sound system as they have up there, so everyone will be able to hear,” Newberg said.  
For anyone who is unable to attend the meeting on the square or feels uncomfortable about attending the in-person meeting, it will be broadcast on the local radio station.
“I encourage anyone in DeWitt County to come,” Newberg said.  “I think it’s going to be a great experience for this county.”
The county is prepared to schedule a rain date later, depending on the weather forecast.
The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on July 14.
In other business, the board voted to hire Aaron Paqué as new county zoning administrator.  Paqué is a military veteran and has been working for the City of Bloomington.
“We had several applicants, and Aaron rose to the top, and it was a unanimous decision by the committee to recommend him,” said land use chairman Terry Ferguson.  “I think he’ll made a good fit for us in the zoning office.”