School district will distribute food during closure


Unit 15 superintendent Curt Nettles sent out the following information on Monday:

Unit 15 food distribution plan

Beginning today, Mar. 17, the Clinton School District will have five food distribution centers throughout Clinton.  The five locations will be Clinton Junior High School, Lincoln Elementary, Douglas Elementary, Webster Apartments and Countryside Apartments.  Food distribution will occur daily between 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Any students who needs a lunch and breakfast will be able to pick up a sack of food at any of the five distribution locations.  Each sack will contain one lunch and one breakfast per students.

It is very important to note that you will be allowed to pick up only one sack per student for each school day.  Each day, the district will assemble only enough food for that day, therefore, parents will not be permitted to pick up multiple sacks for the entire week.  This also means parents will not be permitted to pick up multiple sacks for multiple families.

The school district is committed to distributing lunch and breakfast to our students during the duration we are not in school.  We will not distribute food during spring break, which will be Mar. 23-27.

Please be patient with this process.  We are in unprecedented times, and the school district has never had to distribute food throughout Clinton.  Fortunately, in the days leading up to the school closure, the district was able to make some last-minute changes to our food order to accommodate the level of food distribution that will take place.

I ask you to please follow the process spelled out so our students can receive a lunch and breakfast while school is not in session.

Curt Nettles

Unit 15 superintendent