Superintendent updates on schools’ COVID conditions


CLINTON — Superintendent of Schools Curt Nettles reported Friday there were no plans to close Lincoln School or any school in the district in connection with COVID-19, contrary to a rumor passed to the Clinton Journal.

In information he provided to the Journal, Mr. Nettles reported there have been five positive cases of COVID in district schools since school began on Aug. 20.

Those cases include:

- one student at CHS

- one student at Lincoln

- one student at CJHS

- one student at CES

- one staff member at CJHS

Mr. Nettles reported no cases were reported among the schools this week.  He said all parties in connection with those cases were notified immediately.

“Lincoln School has not been closed nor is there any plan to close any school,” Mr. Nettles said.

The local health department reported earlier that Lincoln School pre-K was cancelled on Sept. 2 to complete contact tracing.

“Through the course of these positive cases, there have been other students and staff that have been excluded from school for a set amount of time,” Mr. Nettles reported.  “All  decisions are made based on the health dept. directives and/or advice.  We use the health dept for any and all things related to COVID.”