UPDATED: 10 arrested in area Task Force 6 drug seizure


Task Force 6 released the following statement on Tuesday afternoon:

 As the result of a Task Force 6 (TF6) investigation, the Task Force has arrested 10 individuals for Manufacture/Delivery of Cocaine and Methamphetamines (ICE) and Conspiracy to Manufacture/Delivery of Cocaine and Methamphetamines within DeWitt County and the City of Clinton. Some of these individual’s cases are related and some are independent cases. Over the course of these investigations, Task Force 6 has seized over 2 pounds of Methamphetamines (ICE) and several ounces of cocaine. Task Force 6 has also seized 6 vehicles related to the delivery of the narcotics and over $3000.00 in narcotics related proceeds. All individuals were processed at DeWitt County Correctional Facility and Bond hearings are pending. 

No other information will be released at this time. TF6 is a multi-agency enforcement unit specializing in narcotics enforcement. TF6 is composed of officers from the Clinton Police Department, DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office, McLean County Sheriff’s Office, Piatt County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois State University Police Department, and the Illinois State Police. 

The public is reminded that charges are merely accusations and criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Persons having information regarding illegal drugs are encouraged to contact the TF6 tip line at (309)452-9961 No further details will be released by TF6. 

Cedrick Rhone:  Mft/Del 1-15 Grams Cocaine/Analog

Kaleb Hall:  Meth Deliver <5 grams="" p="">

Heather Long:  Meth Delivery/15<100 grams="" poss="" of="" meth="" 400="" 900="" grams="" p="">

Brad Creason:  Meth Delivery/15<100 grams="" possession="" of="" meth="" 400="" 900="" grams="" p="">

Brittani Cotton:  Mfg/Del 1-15 Grams Cocaine/Analog

Allen Coleman:  Mfg/Del 1-15 Grams Cocaine/Analog

James Wood:  Meth Delivery<5 grams="" p="">

Aaron Bentley:  Meth Delivery<5 grams="" p="">

David Turner:  Mfg/Deliv 1-15 Grams Cocaine/Analog

Dennis Day:  Mfg/Del 1-15 Grams Cocaine/Analog