City Council quizzed about CFD project, pay records


CLINTON — Clinton resident Seth Redington Monday questioned members of the city council about procedures being followed on construction of a firefighter training site, located near the city yard waste facility.

Redington previously sent a letter asking about the work to city attorney Steve Myers.  Redington said Monday that some questions had been answered but not all.

Some work performed on the site was done through the United Millwrights.  Redington questioned if it constituted a conflict, since city commissioner Dan Ballenger works through the organization.

Ballenger said bids and work for the job were conducted independently without his involvement and voted on by the members of the fire department.

Redington also asked about the modification of a shipping container that will be used at the site and whether it would be safe.  Ballenger said an engineer was advising the fire department about how to make the modifications.

On another matter, Redington said he requested payroll records for contract work performed at the yard waste facility.  He said the response he received from the city was that “no such records exist.”

Commissioner Tom Edmunds, however, said paying prevailing wage and keeping those records was the responsibility of the contractor that performed the work.  Edmunds said if Redington was asking for payroll for internal city employees, that information was readily accessible.  

Those jobs are not subject to the prevailing wage requirements.

Edmunds said bills submitted by private contractors to the city also were available for public viewing.

“But, how he pays his own employees, that’s up to him,” Edmunds said.

It was unclear if a municipality was responsible for maintaining copies of specific payroll records for work performed by a contractor.  Redington said he felt it was.