City refurbishes fire hydrants

Streets oil and chip starts Monday


CLINTON — City hydrants now should all be in good shape following some recent maintenance, Commissioner John Wise reported on Monday.

“Some were just worn out,” Wise said.  “A lot of them had bags on them, but they think they have them all back in service now.”

Wise said a worker has been out repainting the hydrants, “and, they’re looking pretty good.”

Commissioner Dan Ballenger said the newly-painted hydrants would make it easier for firefighters to locate them during a fire call.

Wise also reported the city would begin cleaning out the lagoons at the water plant in early August. 

The council voted to reappoint Mike Mannix to the Clinton zoning board of appeals.  Mannix’s new term will expire on July 31, 2024.

Vouchers are still available for residents who want to take items to the landfill under the annual city clean-up program.  Vouchers are good until July 31.

Commissioner Kenny Buchanan said the city would begin oil and chip work on streets on Monday  He said a schedule of the work including streets slated for work will be posted on the city’s website.  The job should take 2-3 days, he said.