Have stock in yourself

Roger Joss
Posted 10/6/21

Have stock in yourself

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Have stock in yourself


Welcome to my little corner of culinary delights.  You might now be wondering why most if any cookbooks do not cover the information covered in these articles.  The only answer I can give is the need for authors to learn various procedures outside of culinary.

Knowledge of chemistry, as well as physics, can contribute greatly toward culinary endeavors.  Chemistry teaches how and why certain ingredients do what they do and what it takes to change that.  Some combinations can be harmful, others beneficial.  Physics can tell us much about the best type of cookware to use and about heat and how it works and reacts.  Take for example knowing how to create an oven effect using stove top burners and the proper atmosphere inside the cooker.  One can even create a steam chamber within an oven.  Many other advantages can be had by knowing physics.  This type of knowledge allows one to travel through uncharted areas of culinary.

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