Residents without new water meters risk shutoffs


CLINTON — Contrary to rumor, the city will not raise water rates on anyone whose new meter has not yet been installed, commissioner John Wise said during Monday’s city council meeting.

The city will, however, shut off water service to anyone who has not scheduled a time to have their new meter installed after a third notice from the city.

Installation of new meters began at the beginning of summer 2018, and most were installed by fall.  Some homeowners, however, have not arranged to have new meters installed.

“If you haven’t had your meter changed, we’re going to shut off your water until we get an answer and get that new meter in,” Wise said.  “That’s just the bottom line.”

Rates to those customers will not go up.

Wise said he wished residents would call the city for correct information instead of relying on social media (Facebook).

“We don’t have people who read the newspaper or listen to the radio anymore,” he said.  

Wise said people could post information to Facebook and not have to worry about whether it was correct.

“I know the newspaper and the news people try to get out as much of it as they can.”

In other business, the council placed on file a water tower antenna lease with MR System Wireless.  Also, Jake Jostes was sworn in as a new sergeant at the Clinton Police Department.