The great divide

Richard Koritz
Posted 1/2/24

My liberal friends suggest I am addicted to Fox News, but in all honesty, I often tune in to MSNBC and CNN. Morning Joe had former MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews on its program just after …

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The great divide


My liberal friends suggest I am addicted to Fox News, but in all honesty, I often tune in to MSNBC and CNN.

Morning Joe had former MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews on its program just after Christmas. Matthews was lamenting about his perception of  rural rage that the non-urban areas have for Trump supporters.

Matthews described these rural voters as non-educated (not having college degrees). Matthews described the ongoing disagreements between the left and right as being akin to fighting terrorism. That analogy should concern all of us country bumpkins. First let me restate that I am not a Trump partisan.

First, let’s address the claim of the uneducated rural voter. I can easily attest that many of those I have coffee with do not have a college education, but they have a world of life experiences and common sense. Many of those I associate with on a professional level have MAs PHDs and JDs.

Most of these men and women have several years, if not decades of work experience. Several of both groups are liberal leaning and tend to vote Democrat. The majority of both groups tend to lean conservative and vote Republican.

We do not belittle the other’s political beliefs. We do discuss and debate the issues and we seldom change opposing opinions. We want our communities and work environment to succeed and for those purposes we have learned to facilitate compromise and working relationships. We are rural Americans.

Matthews wishes to paint rural America with a brush much too wide. Yes, there are fervent supporters of Trump in rural America, but Trump’s support appears to be rather widespread throughout much of this country. Matthews creates a divide in this country with his allegation.

Matthews clearly reflects a very left leaning constituency. Again, he is entitled to his opinions. The concern is that the constituency that he represents references rural America as essentially a terrorist entity.

Matthews by his commentary suggests there can be no coming to a consensus as one simply cannot negotiate any resolution with a terrorist, save surrender. Matthews is preaching that there is this great divide in this country and conservative rural America is the culprit.

Regretfully, I agree with Matthews in the aspect there is a division in this country. We have always had divisions in this country, but we have always found a way to come together. unfortunately both Biden and Trump appear to be representing winner take all positions and never discuss compromise. Both Biden and Trump are campaigning on divisional issues and playing to their political base.

We need a President who will provide unity and not further this insane division of Americans.

NEW DOLLAR GENERAL—(Disclaimer: This reflects my observation for one point of time and for only that point of time.) This past Friday I ventured into the new Dollar General in Clinton. I needed some clothing that I normally get in Decatur or Bloomington since Wal Mart left town. The store was well lit, clean and with wide aisles. It was a positive impression.

The store did not have the item I wanted in my size, which was not a problem for me. I grabbed three or four small items and headed for the checkout. I bypassed the self-checkouts as I simply do not like to use them. I went to the manned checkout lane. I placed my items on the counter and waited for a cashier.

I waited some more time and noted there were numerous monitors in the store thinking surely someone would come to the checkout. I waited some more time and then announced to the open office door that I was waiting.  I received no response.

I waited a little while longer and simply walked out the door leaving my wanted merchandise on the checkout counter. Again, I was impressed with the layout and cleanliness of the store, but if I cannot checkout and pay for the products, I simply wasted my time.

I hope that my experience is not typical of Dollar General’s customer service.