UPDATE: Ultimate Play Space staying afterall

Golf carts now legal on Clinton city streets


CLINTON — Because of some help offered by the Clinton Chamber of Commerce,  the Ultimate Play Space will now be repaired.  The Journal will have this story later.

Here's what happened during Monday's city council meeting:

The Ultimate Play Space, built in Kiwanis Park using volunteer labor in the early 2000s, has outlived its usefulness and is now unsafe, said commissioner Dan Ballenger during Monday’s council meeting.

“It’s in bad shape,” Ballenger said.  “It’s rotted off at the ground.”

He said it was now taped off to warn parents and children to not use the  multi-level play area, built primarily of pressure treated lumber and Trex, an artificial, composite material.

“Board are broken, nails are sticking out, screws everywhere,” Ballenger said.  “Posts are rotted off at the ground; a lot of them.”

Ballenger said the apparatus had outlived its usefulness, “and it’s time to come down.”

The council voted to take bids to remove the structure.  Ballenger said he would research some fundraising possibilities to replace the structure with some new play equipment.

Golf carts

Residents may now legally drive golf carts on Clinton city streets, once they’ve paid $100 and had their carts inspected by police.

The city council voted on Monday to create Chapter 3 of Title 6 of the city code, non-highway vehicles.  The change allows residents to drive golf carts on city streets, providing their carts meet requirements set in the ordinance and drivers follow safety regulations established.

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