U.S. military uniforms on display at museum through September


CLINTON — During the past month, there has been a display added to the tour of the DeWitt County Museum.  

One of the members thought it would be fitting to display uniforms of the various armed services and war eras to honor those who have served or are serving our country.  This display has received such a widespread response that it is being kept through the Apple ‘n Pork Festival this year.  

There were some surprises along the way.  Most uniforms are on loan to the museum but were actually donated to the museum along with other pertinent service-related artifacts.  There is a flyer that describes the displays in each room (all on the main floor) and a small history of each veteran involved.  Also, there are other back stories that are told by the museum personnel.

Jessi Jones, of the museum,  put together the display from all branches of the armed services and from every era from World War I to Iraq/Afganistan.  Jessi contacted numerous veterans to get the display completed. 

She used female mannequins, a challenge to locate, because male mannequins turned out to be too large.  

The exhibit is located on the main floor.  Personnel from all three of the local service organizations participated in the endeavor.