Volunteers prepare, deliver record number of meals for Thanksgiving


CLINTON — Those who serve our country take an oath when they enlist to serve and protect.  

Most veterans groups have a motto of veterans helping veterans and the community.  Here in Clinton, this is most obvious around Thanksgiving and Christmastime.  During the recent holiday week, the three veterans organizations banded together, with help from their friends and neighbors, to again serve their community.

Local veterans’ organizations baked 21 turkeys on Monday, Nov. 18, and then slicing the turkey breast and removing the rest of meat from the turkeys on Wednesday.  

Then, starting early Thanksgiving Day, they cooked mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing and the chicken (turkey) and noodles.  The foods were then prepared for delivery to those in the community needing a lift on the holiday with a warm meal.  

This year, coordination among the organizations was exceptional, according to members.  A total of 280 meals, including pumpkin pie, were prepared and delivered this year, the most ever produced during the annual effort.  

Volunteers gave a special thanks to the Clinton American Legion for the use of its facility and to the kitchen crew and their helpers for creating the meals.  

The volunteers themselves also received thanks for giving up their holiday time to help others.

Tom Redington coordinated  the kitchen staff this year, and Kim Pakidas coordinated the delivery crews and aligned the routes so that all the meals were delivered where they needed to go.