Wapella trustee resigns as three take the oath


WAPELLA — Just shy of his 30-day anniversary since being elected to a two-year term as a Wapella trustee, Bryan Atwood resigned Tuesday over a committee assignment dispute.

New trustees Tracy Mann and Michael Daab were sworn in by interim clerk Lauren Johnson during a special village board meeting Tuesday night, trustee Nancy Falk took the oath of office later in the meeting.

Not long into the meeting, Atwood, former interim board president, and Daab had problems with their committee assignments.

When Mears assigned Daab as co-health and safety, Daab immediately refused the assignment.  Daab said he felt he should serve as a co-member with Huff over streets and alleys because of his 10-years of experience with that department.  Mears assigned Mandy Huff to streets and alleys and in charge of water meters. 

“If we work together as a team, I think you would be good with this part,” Mears told Daab.

She then asked Mann to take the co-health and safety along with his duties over the park.  But, before the issue over that and Daab’s assignment were resolved, Mears assigned Atwood and Mann as co-heads over parks and recreation, with Atwood handling the community center exclusively and Mann over Wapella Park.  

Mears said, based on advice from the village attorney,  Atwood should not oversee the park because of his involvement with a group planning a veterans’ memorial there.  It could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

Mears said her committee assignments were not based on any personnel agenda, but as soon as she revealed the assignments, Atwood said he felt it was personnel.

He said he would resign from the board, but he remained seated at the table with the other trustees,

“I’d hate to see you go, when we can work together and make something really great,” Mears said.

The meeting continued with board discussions on several other matters.  Then, following a vote on new security measures for handling money, Atwood stood.

“At this time, I am resigning my position on this board,” Atwood said.  “I’ll get it printed up and notarized, and I’ll get it to you.”

Atwood left the hall while the meeting continued.

Mears later said she was sorry to see Atwood go.