Wizards cast spell for 'The Vault'


The Harlem Wizards, a spin-off from the Globetrotters, lit in Clinton on Feb. 18 for a second round of basketball antics and hoopla.  

The Wizards were founded in 1962, and, yes, they are younger than me and have been traveling the world ever since, coveringfive continents and 22 countries.  Although we saw only six players here, there are a total of 26 players on the Wizards’ roster at the current time, comprising several teams on the move at all times.  

Although they are not concerned with winning, they have won over 2,800 games out of 6,000 performances and have raised over $3 million for good causes.  

Their specialty is entertainment through the game of basketball with tricks, alley-oops and crowd involvement, especially with kids.  As they perform, they are raising funds for schools, charitable organizations and foundations.  

This was their second trip to Clinton in support of “The Vault” youth and community center.  And, by the way, the Wizards played our own homegrown “Vault” team of teachers, administrators, and local talent.