You’d better not call it ‘ping-pong’

The Vault gets some help from Decatur table tennis group


CLINTON — A member of a table tennis group from Decatur heard of The Vault and its programs for teaching young adults about just about everything. 

The member, Bob Brown, had an idea of setting up a table tennis exhibition for the youth and a meeting with The Vault leaders to survey the tables and discuss an exhibition.  When he saw the table tennis tables and equipment, he decided the Decatur group could help in other ways, too. 

On May 3, Brown arrived at The Vault with 10 new tournament table tennis balls, five new tournament- grade paddles and two new tournament nets, which he installed.  The exhibition will be set at a future date with Brown and a fellow competitor, Joe Simmons, appearing and possibly taking on a few of the youth.

And, for anyone who’s wondering, the competition is table tennis, not “ping pong,” which is a copyrighted game originally trademarked by Parker Brothers. 

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