City should take lead to clean things up

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About two months ago, I called the city hall and reported about two trailers filled with garbage, stoves, refrigerators with the doors still on, mattresses on the ground, along with metals and lumber from the porches that were at one time on the apartment building at 216 East Adams.

I found out who owns the apartment building and that the police officer who now enforces ordinances would look into the problem.  I also reported about old water heaters and furnaces behind a heating and cooling business on E. Main Street, as well as TVs, mattresses, tires and furniture put out in front of homes on parkways all over the streets of Clinton.

I talked with the mayor of Clinton about all of the above.  He told me that he was going to the apartment building and look into this problem.  Two weeks have gone by, and nothing has been done.

I would like to remind the city council, from the mayor down, that in 2018, there will be an election for the city council.  Pay close attention, Mr. mayor, and also city commissioners.

On Sept. 23 and 24, it will be time for the Apple & Pork Festival, at least two days out of the year when Clinton will look clean for the 80,000-100,000 visitors who come to the festival.

The rest of the year, oh well.

Thank you,

A very concerned homeowner,

John J. Bartuch


P.S. I’m 75 years old and my wife and I do all our own yard work.

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