Police, school official: Threat not directed to Clinton High School

CLINTON — A post originally made on Snapchat, a popular social media platform, threatening “CHS” and warning students to stay away, was discovered locally late Sunday night and by early Monday morning determined by Clinton police to be a resolved issue out of Clovis, New Mexico.

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers said his department was inundated with calls and social media inquiries about the post starting late Sunday evening.

For nearly three hours police and school officials worked to determine the origin of the threat. A link to the original post lead to confirmation from the Clovis, New Mexico police department that the situation had been resolved.

The Snapchat post showed a photo of someone holding what appeared to be an automatic weapon with the text “Fxxx CHS I’m going out with a bang don’t go to school tmrw.”

The post was then shared on other social media platforms and has been putting schools with the CHS acronym into crisis mode.

Clinton School Superintendent Curt Nettles learned of the post about 11:40 Sunday night.

School officials were in communication with law enforcement until about 2:30 a.m.

Clovis, New Mexico police confirmed the arrest of a 17-year-old male on Friday, April 6.

The school district sent a call to all parents early Monday morning informing them the threat was resolved and was not a local issue.

“This just goes to show the power of social media,” said Lowers, “and what one person can do.”

“I know the time, effort and resources we expended here for what probably took a student less than a minute to post.”

“I feel for the Clovis Police Department,” he continued, “because they are being inundated with calls from all over the country.”

Police and school officials take all threats seriously, both Lowers and Nettles stated.

 “While social media is a tremendous tool, it call also be very devastating,” said Lowers.


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