Senate Bill 31 good for Illinois

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There have been a lot of rumors flying around about Senate Bill 31. Some have said it’s a Sanctuary State bill that looks to create so called “safe havens” for illegal immigrants, preventing our boys in blue from doing their jobs. This could not be further from the truth. 

Chicago may want to be a “sanctuary” for illegals, but Governor Rauner stopped Illinois from becoming a sanctuary state. He fought to keep sanctuary language out of this bill and ensured that SB 31 have one purpose: assist law enforcement in fighting crime in our communities.

That’s why law enforcement supports the signing of SB 31. This bill encourages immigrants to cooperate with law enforcement. While local authorities continue to fully support and assist federal agents in detaining illegal immigrants who have broken the law. 

The rumors of amnesty for illegals, sanctuary status, and federal interference are absolutely false. The liberal media doesn’t want to give Governor Rauner a win on this common sense bill – so they’re distorting the truth. Don’t buy into their bias. SB 31 is good for law enforcement and good for Illinois.

Nate Ennis


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