Thanks to everyone who makes ‘Read Across Clinton’ and ‘Deer Hunters for Heroes’ programs so successful

Once again, the good people of Clinton and surrounding areas have stepped up to help those in need.  I want to recognize what keeps happening over and over in DeWitt County.

“Thank you” seems like such a trite and simple statement; we use it over and over again in so many ways, but I cannot come up with a better way to put it.

Beginning with the Clinton Elementary School’s “Project Read Across Clinton,” various businesses made it possible for students to have seven books of their own to be given out at the end of the school year.  This program is for those in the elementary school, who don’t have easy access to the Warner Library or do not have a home library in order to keep reading during the summer.

Studies have shown that children who keep up the habit of reading retain what they have learned and perform better in school each year.  This program is a continuing one; money or slightly used books may be donated.  Next year, kindergarten and 1st grades will be added to the program that now serves 2nd-5th grade students.

Thank you to all who gave so that we could help these student, some 282 of them!  I need to add that American Legion Auxiliary has a separate fund for works and programs, such as this one.  None of the money to support the reading program came from our veterans fund, the Poppy program, which will be offered on May 19 this year.  All Poppy program donations go to veterans and their families.

More thanks to those who supported out Deer Hunters for Heroes Program.  This most worthwhile program, headed by former military personnel and interested residents, provides the opportunity to golf, fish, hunt, etc., to those veterans who have been wounded, either physically or psychologically.  To veterans who thought they would never hunt, golf or fish again, this is a lifesaver.  Many in our area are actively involved in all parts of the program.

A dinner of soups, sandwiches and desserts was offered by the Legion Auxiliary Unit 103 at the Legion building, in Clinton.  Donations given for that dinner, and for the silent auction, brought in enough money to allow two veterans to be part of this program.  

Grateful thanks to the men and women who have made this a big part of their lives, giving back to help others.  If you know of any veteran who might be interested in this program, see online “Hooah, Deer Hunters for Heroes.”

May God bless all of you as you have blessed others, some complete strangers but also your friends and neighbors.  We all know that giving and helping others is what gives us the most pleasure.

With sincere appreciation for your support,

Marjorie Devore

for American Legion Auxiliary Unit 103, Reading Across Clinton teachers and students, Deer Hunters program, and DeWitt County Pheasants Forever.


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