Apple ‘n Pork Festival

Richard Koritz
Posted 9/21/21

Iwrite this column with very mixed thoughts. Apple and Pork is back, which makes Clinton as normal as can be in September, which is simply wonderful after COVID quarantines.

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Apple ‘n Pork Festival


I write this column with very mixed thoughts. Apple and Pork is back, which makes Clinton as normal as can be in September, which is simply wonderful after COVID quarantines. On the down side, the Clinton Kiwanis Club for the first time in over 45 years will not be selling funnel cakes at A&P. As a Kiwanian that hurts.

John Veirs, a Kiwanian and doctor to many in Clinton and DeWitt County, recently passed away. John was one of the original group that thought of and developed the Apple and Pork festival to support the C. H. Moore museum and celebrate the fall and its harvest. There is no carnival. There are no sales of alcohol on the Homestead grounds. The only modern convenience is electricity for the sound system and refrigeration units.

There is music and food galore. Open fires are the cook stoves and your food is served right off of the spit. It is so simple and reminds all of us of our heritage in this country. Not for profit clubs and church groups all engage in selling their goods from sweet corn to fudge to pork sandwiches along with ham and beans. People love it and drive for miles to come to Clinton and go back 100 years to a fall harvest festival. Apple and Pork is a wonderful event that showcases Clinton and the heritage of this area. John Viers and his cohorts had an idea that none of them could have ever envisioned its current status. When people in other communities throughout the state learn I am from Clinton they always ask about Apple and Pork and mention the fun times they had listening to some music, antiquing, and eating all that food. I hope the event continues for another 53 years.

The downside for the Kiwanis Club is that we simply did not have the manpower to operate all of the stoves needed to cook funnel cakes. Our membership is getting older and our numbers are in decline. The Kiwanis and other service clubs in Clinton need new members and yes younger members. I am told that other organizations have also pulled out of Apple and Pork for the same reasons. That is sad as it is those clubs and organizations that greatly contribute to making Apple and Pork a success.

If you are reading this column on Friday or Saturday now is the time to put the paper down and go to the festival. Your presence is wanted and needed. By attending Apple and Pork you are supporting Clinton and so many activities in this community. Go and Enjoy.

Politically it has been another rough week for President Biden. We now have 1,000s of displaced Haitians on our southern border. The amounts of illegals trying to enter the U. S. is beyond the ability of the Border Patrol to manage. I don’t fault the Vice President for going to her alma mater’s football game or the President taking a weekend vacation at his Delaware beach front home. Biden appointed Harris to resolve those national policies that encourage illegal entry into this country. For Biden to be riding his bike and Kamala to be at a football game while a crisis occurs on our southern border is simply bad optics. The common perception is that neither cares about our border security. It would behoove this administration if either one of them would make a personal trip to our southern border and then tell the American public what they plan to do. At the moment there appears to be no plan, except to step back and let the illegals enter. Yes, the administration has sent a couple of plane loads of illegal Haitians back to Haiti, but that is only a teaspoon of the gallons of people that are entering this country.

Biden wants to  focus on his huge budget proposal and is putting all of his political mojo into that fight. The problem for Biden is that more and more people are questioning the proposals. When Chuck Todd voices that Biden has a credibility problem, the President has a problem.

Trump could certainly be a jerk, but he got things done. Biden wants to be  everybody’s friend and doesn’t appear to understand that he needs to involve himself in this nation and lead. Joe if you want to ride your bike there are many trails along the Rio Grande River and you might learn something.