Board incumbents understand the big picture

Posted 10/20/20

Board incumbents understand the big picture

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Board incumbents understand the big picture


Although I consider my time as a county board member an honor and privilege, I will regrettably be leaving my board position in December. However, I appreciate and thank those who have supported me.

I still believe that the incumbents are the proper choice in this election, and in the strongest terms possible, I will show my support for them.

During my time being associated with these members, I discovered what it means to serve the public in an honorable manner.

Chairman Newberg and vice chairman Redman took their valuable time to mentor me about all of the operations involved as to how the county operates. They enlightened me about the courage it takes to be the best board member I could be. And, I thank them for that time.

Mr. Reece, Mr. Nimmo and Mr. Wichenhouser were always receptive to an open conversation about any issue and always treated me with the upmost respect without any political overtones.

The character and integrity of each of these public servants is beyond reproach. The intense desire to be the best board member possible was always present.

I am troubled that the reason those opposing these incumbents is a single issue. It bothers me that they aren’t looking at the big picture and don’t understand the complexities of public service but are only looking to advance their own agenda. This concern by itself should be reason enough to vote for the incumbents!

The time it takes to perform the duties associated with these positions, besides the once-a-month meeting, is time most people don’t understand. The phone calls, texts and e-mails consume time not accounted for on any time sheet. Following up on concerns of the public can run into multiple location visits and conversations/meetings with those who might be able to help. This time should be expected and gladly spent in an effort to resolve such concerns. The incumbents have shown that ability.

Economic development should be explored and welcomed by board members. The incumbents have shown that they believe in growth. However, the challengers have all shown that they disagree with that philosophy by opposing a major development coming into the county.

It was a pleasure to serve with these people, and they deserve to continue to serve the citizens of De Witt County.

Camille Redman, Lance Reece, Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo and Jay Wichenhouser have earned your vote, and I sincerely hope you also see that when you vote.

Please cast your vote for integrity, dedication, and growth! Elect Newberg, Redman, Reece, Wichenhouser, and Nimmo.


Cole Ritter