“Hosting” a wind farm is like being bribed to “host” a virus- like Ebola

Posted 4/11/19

“Hosting” a wind farm is like being bribed to “host” a virus- like Ebola

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“Hosting” a wind farm is like being bribed to “host” a virus- like Ebola


Viruses could become more popular and more widespread if we’d start naming them Prairie Breeze, Raptors Ridge, or Harvest Meadows. Sort of like those Scentsy candles. 

The truth about wind energy projects is more like “Death Spiral.” Other promising names for these bird killers might include “Blighthouse Wind,” “Golden Goose,” “Dead Condor Wind Farm, LLC” or “Gullible Sap.”

They call the first phase a “footprint.” This is one small step with a bad idea, or one giant leap backwards for our county. 

We’re getting stomped on. They don’t think this area is very picturesque anyway. This will spoil the rural character and destroy wildlife habitat and kill whatever tries to migrate through here. Never mind the people who live and work here, like the voters.

This wind energy projects  may affect the aquifer for the entire region. Included in their sworn testimony, and under cross examination, the applicant responded that they did not know what the Mahomet Aquifer was or were unaware of it. So what are we going to do next, volunteer as human guinea pigs? Not me, thanks, but no.

Based on previous testimony, the Regional Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals acted prudently with their recommendation to the board, not to approve this permit. 

Federal and state agencies will not protect our general health, safety and welfare from wind energy development. Only local officials can do this. The county board has an obligation to do this. 

There is no better option, for the county, financially, than to just say “no.” Not even, “no thank you,” simply “NO.”

Brad Barnes