Incumbent board members out of touch with their constituents


I would like to share my support for DeWitt County Board candidates in District A-Buck Carter, Aaron Kammeyer, and Jamie Prestegaard and in District C Megan Myers.

I’m thankful they have stepped up to the plate to challenge the incumbents in this very important race for our county’s future. It’s candidates like them who truly have the best interests of their constituents in mind, that can make a difference in DeWitt County.

The incumbents are facing legal action after not being able to fulfill the simple task of following county law when voting ‘yes’ to grant a special use permit to a wind energy company. This company came in with a set of demands that the incumbents granted with such ease, even when it was proven time and time again that they did not meet our standards that every other company must follow.

The incumbents buried their heads in the sand and ignored the recommendations made by their own appointees on the RPC and ZBA, who strongly agreed the permit did not meet our standards and would be setting a dangerous precedent for future permits.

But most disheartening, the incumbents disregarded the desire of their constituents to not be burdened by the proven noise issues, shadow flicker, and major safety issues that wind turbines have when placed too close to a home-as those in the permit have been placed.

This disregard shows the incumbents have lost touch with their local constituents and when given many opportunities to listen and consider those needs chose instead to ignore and side with a foreign company.

It’s time to VOTE FOR CHANGE.

Andrea Rhoades

resident in Dist. A