Many thanks for Dr. Veirs and for his legacy

Posted 9/22/21

Many thanks for Dr. Veirs and for his legacy

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Many thanks for Dr. Veirs and for his legacy


As we approach another Apple ‘n Pork Festival, it is time to remember Dr. John Veirs, one of the original founders and supporters of the C.H. Moore Homestead and the Apple ‘n Pork Festival that helps support it.  He passed away earlier this year.

Dr. John Veirs was truly a humble man who was a helper and thought beyond himself to the bigger picture.

People who did not know him would read his obituary and could discern that he was way above average, but the death notice in the newspaper just scratched the surface of Dr. Veirs’s effect on our community.

Most doctors do their jobs and go home.  They usually do not volunteer their time and name for philanthropic causes, but Doc knew that if he threw his name into the ring that other people would follow.  We would not have the C.H. Moore museum and the Apple ‘n Pork Festival if it were not for his leadership and vision. 

Just think of all the light bulbs and magazines the community members did not have to buy because the service organizations and kids had booths at the A&P and could make their money that they needed for the coming year in one weekend.  What a blessing that is!

The sheep.  Doc had some extra land at home that he avoided mowing by having the sheep.  They looked beautiful, grazing in the pasture, although I know there had to be some work involved.  He easily could have hired someone to mow that piece of ground, but he found this other way. 

Doc found time to be one of our trusted directors at First National Bank and Trust Company for several decades.  Every month we approved policy, reviewed loans, and discussed bank business.  Even when he went to Florida for the winter, he asked that his monthly board packet be mailed to him so that he could “keep up.” 

Serving on the DeWitt Chapter of the American Cancer Society, we found ourselves on the nominating committee together. Cutting right to the chase, he looked at me and said words that I will always remember:  “Who are we going to hook for the top job?”  I laughed, and we found someone who was willing to take on the job.  Yes, the big picture again.

As for his medical practice; he touched so many people and there are so many stories of folks who he helped along the way. Doc outlived many of the people who could tell those stories. 

Thank you, Doc, for a life well lived—even in retirement.  You are an inspiration to us all.

Mary Pat Killian

Executive Vice President, retired

First National Bank and Trust Company