Megan Myers will bring diversity of thought to county board


DeWitt County will undoubtedly have many challenges and difficult decisions ahead as a result of the economic hardships caused by a global pandemic.  Our recovery and eventual growth will require leaders with new ideas and a vision for the future.  It will require leaders who treat others with respect and compassion, and who will listen to and advocate for the residents and employees of the county.

Megan Myers is a servant leader with all of these qualities and more, and she is running forDeWitt County Board in District C.

When the pandemic first hit and businesses were forced to close, Megan was out distributing “We Will Prevail” and “In It Together” yard signs.  She shows empathy and works to build community.

Megan has experience in leadership positions, having served on the 4-H Foundation Board, and she currently serves as a board member of the Clinton Community Educational Foundation, sitting on the Dual Credit and Finance committees.

Megan will bring diversity of thought to a county board that is 75  percent male, with District C being the only district that is currently represented 100 percent by men.

If you live in DeWitt County District C, which includes Creek and Texas Townships, as well as the southeastern portion of Clinton in Clintonia Township, I respectfully ask that you consider voting for Megan Myers for DeWitt County Board.

Joe Witte