On Point 10/30

Your vote matters

Richard Koritz
Posted 10/29/20

Your vote matters

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On Point 10/30

Your vote matters


This column is somewhat of a continuation of the column of two weeks ago. I certainly have my opinions on the candidates and issues. I hope that you have made, or are making, your decisions on how to cast your votes. I urge you to vote for the candidates or issues that you support. Your vote matters and it reflects the essence of American democracy.

Trump and Biden actually debated last week. It was a civil and informative debate. Compared to the debacle of their first debate, it was a marked improvement. Both candidates tended to go to their historic bases. Trump emphasized business as the cure for what ails the country and Biden emphasized government assistance as the cure. Both candidates have issues they need to resolve. Trump has yet to provide a comprehensive health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. The public needs to know just what Trump is proposing for medical care in this country. Biden has yet to explain the wealth generated in his family by his son and his other family members. If that wealth was inappropriately attained and Biden was complicit, then there is a problem of trust in government that would seriously harm a Biden administration. Both men need to provide answers to the public on these issues.

It is obvious that the Biden campaign has strategized to make the election a referendum on Trump. Biden has been holed up in his residence and has basically forgotten the personal campaign trail. That strategy may well be working. Biden is ahead in the polls. As a candidate, Biden cannot make too many verbal gaffes if he is not out talking to the people. It is a very strange candidacy, but it does appear to be effective.

Trump on the other hand is the energizer bunny. He has been doing at two and three campaign rallies daily. The rallies are well attended and the participants are fervent Trump supporters. It appears that Trump is gaining ground in the rust belt states, which should trouble Biden.

Biden is running an any body but Trump campaign. He  has not enthused his base and perhaps he doesn’t need to. Biden had a significant lead in most polls two and three weeks ago. We have a lot of early voting and those votes may very well reflect the polls at that time. Good news for Biden and bad news for Trump. So Biden sits on his lead and waits out the election.

Trump then doubles down and does massive campaigning, after his COVID 19 hospitalization. Trump is on the campaign trail with passion, while Biden stays home. People notice. Trump improves his poll ratings and the race tightens in the swing states. Too little. Too late. Or does Trump grasp victory from defeat? We will know when the votes are counted.

Your vote matters. Exercise your right and privilege, vote on November 3r.