On Point / Emotions can be expensive

Richard Koritz
Posted 8/25/21

On Point / Emotions can be expensive

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On Point / Emotions can be expensive


Open political debate is a foundation strength of this nation. Whether it is a referendum or a legislative debate,

we all get to have our say. The understanding of all parties is that a vote will be taken and the public will honor and respect that vote. If we disagree with the outcome, we then have the option of seeking to change the enacted action with a vote at a future date. We do not go grab a gun and start an armed rebellion after the majority has voted. It is the ballot box that is our recourse. Americans accept election results and respect the rule of law. (Although that truism is being challenged by the Portland and Washington D. C. riots.) Whatever the issue there is winner and a loser. People talk about win-win situations, but that is the rarity.

The most contentious debate in DeWitt County over the past two years has been whether to allow windfarms in DeWitt County or to exclude them.  We had hours and hours of hearings on the issue over many weeks. The county board then debated the issue in committees and by the Board as a whole. Those opposed to the windfarm voiced concerns regarding health issues from the turbines themselves, the taking of farmland out of production, and the “forever” change of the topography with the erection of 600-foot towers. Those supporting the windfarm argued for landowner rights and that the windfarms would generate much needed revenue for the taxing districts. The actual value of the electricity to be generated never seemed to gain any traction in the debates. In any event the County Board last year granted Alta Farms a special use permit to erect 66 wind turbine towers.

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