Saving local history one image at a time


Editor’s Note: This is the first of a series of stories as the DeWitt County Museum begins its 2024 season.

If you’re a member of the C.H. Moore Homestead & DeWitt County Museum or just a fan of the local historical home, you have the opportunity to help save some pieces of history.

The Homestead is an archive of much of Clinton and DeWitt County history, particularly how it pertains to the life of C.H. Moore and his famous friends.  But, the home, artifacts, papers and grounds chronicle not just Moore’s life but also the lives of local people who were Moore’s friends and neighbors.

Museum director Joey Long, museum volunteers and others are now working to save some of that history, which could be in danger of vanishing.

“Down in the lower level, we have what I call the gallery wall of photos,” Long recently told the Clinton Journal.  “In a lot of cases they are the only photos in existence of those shots.”

Time and conditions now threaten some of the photos, which depict a wide variety of Homestead activities from the past and local history in general. 

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