Sen. Rose, why are you avoiding wind farm supporters?


Dear Senator Rose,

Why did you wait until now to come out against the wind industry when we are in the midst of public hearings trying to get zoning board approval for a special use permit for the Alta II wind farm project? 

All of the DeWitt County wind farm supporters are very disappointed in the negative comments that you made in January. Your comments could not have come at a worse time.  It seems to me that you have been given a lot of misinformation, and you used that misinformation to form the comments that you made in January.  Where did you get this information? 

It is very apparent that the misinformation came from the opposition side, and I am fairly confident that it came from a DeWitt County Board member.  You have not reached out to any of the supporters of the Alta II wind farm project in DeWitt County that I have talked to.  Why is that?  

Ever since you made the comments in opposition of the wind industry, you have been dodging our attempts to contact you.  Remember that you represent all of us in DeWitt County and it is disappointing that you won't give us the time of day.  We would love for you to come before our DeWitt County Wind Farm Supporters Group to present your official position on wind energy.

Roger Fatheree