Some officials don’t act in our best interests


Elected officials are notorious for citing that, when they make decisions, they do so in the best interests of the communities they serve.
I find it incredibly disconcerting that almost half of the county board was willing to move forward on a virtual vote on the Tradewind special use permit application on June 2, especially when it would have limited the participation of many county residents, who have been actively involved in this process for the past two years.
Throughout the permit process, I have questioned the objectivity of several of our board members.  Personally, after much deliberation, numerous intelligent individuals putting forth sound facts, figures and objections to the project and two rounds of this permit not being recommended by the regional planning commission and the zoning board of appeals, I will find it patronizing and insulting if a county board member who votes “yes” for the proposed wind farm says he is doing so in the best interests of the residents of DeWitt County.

Sadly, I will find little consolation in any board members who vote “yes” being voted out of their positions come November.  And, if a vote on July 14 results in the approval of a special use permit, it will confirm that the only true objective achieved will be that Tradewind Energy accomplished its objective and that, once again, the objective of serving the needs of Chicago and Cook County has taken priority over the opinions and best interests of the residents of downstate Illinois.

Lynn Williams