Thank you, Clinton, for supporting Weldon Springs

Posted 11/24/21

Thank you, Clinton, for supporting Weldon Springs

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Thank you, Clinton, for supporting Weldon Springs


Every town has its traits, and the Weldon Springs Foundation believes that Clinton’s is its generosity.

The town of Clinton owned Weldon Springs park until 1948, and the bond is still apparent.  The Foundation wants to thank all of our donors for filling the cracks in the state park budget.

This summer, because of this town’s support, the schoolhouse was filled with children learning in the sun.  The outdoor learning consisted of subjects like the prairie, wildflowers, fossils, animals, bugs, crafts and history.  They went fishing, hiking, learned board games and enjoyed some fun parties.  Town members pitched in and shared information on space, fossils and professions.  All activities made for a happy summer.

While the schoolhouse and town hall were buzzing with children, the Boy Scouts’ campground bathroom moved forward to completion.  We owe much gratitude to the union members who gave of their time and expertise and volunteered their services on some very hot days.  We also want to thank the many local businesses that gave us special rates and donated time and money.

They say it takes a village, but, sometimes, it just takes people in a town like Clinton.

Stephanie Russell, president

Weldon Springs Foundation