Use power to protect, not profit


I have attended an accumulation of hundreds of hours of meetings, heard countless presentations, witnessed interactions and gained first-hand knowledge of the issues surrounding the construction of an industrial wind complex in DeWitt County.

I write not in opposition to the proposed wind project, but in opposition to falsehood and in support of honesty; with disdain over lies and an endorsement of truth; in opposition to deception and as an advocate of wisdom. The Word of God is clear about these principles, and that has been the foundation upon which I have evaluated all aspects of this issue.

There is an underlying theme that is highly visible when one pays close attention. The wind developer’s spreading of false propaganda, manipulation of the truth and failure to “tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is cause for alarm. There is not room here to detail supporting examples. When you experience darkness, greed, and deception, the first thing you do is say, “I want no part in that." Then you work hard to guard and defend against it.

Do not let your hearts be deceived, DeWitt County. You will not detect this pattern by reading weekly advertisements, listening to news clips or taking the wind company’s word for it. Heed the warnings of other counties who have suffered the aftereffects of being mistreated by the wind industry. Hear the pleas of residents who are alerting the public of this concern.

To the members of the DeWitt County Board, I believe some you know this truth in your gut, but the voice of the enemy is loud. In hopes that these reflections would be taken to heart, here are some important questions I think are pertinent for our leaders to consider:

  1. Is the wind industry trustworthy?

o Can we count on all their promises being fulfilled?

o Have they been compliant thus far?

  1. Do I know enough to vote against the RPC and ZBA who after hearing over 50 hours of testimony and cross-examination, did not recommend approval?

o They have each twice recommended against approval. Is my knowledge to the extent that I can overturn their decision with merit?

o Have I read through the entire Special Use Application?

o Did I attend the ZBA hearings or have I read through every page of the ZBA transcript? If I only read the transcript, is this as informative as seeing accompanying slides, hearing crowd reaction, witnessing tone of voice and body language, etc.?

  1. What's my personal responsibility to my constituents?

o Am I fully confident that residents will be safe in severe weather? Do I want to doubt my role in their safety each time I hear weather sirens?

o Is my vote based on confident research or just a desire to “get it over with”?

o How would I want someone to protect my family if our future was in their hands?

  1. Am I prepared to shoulder the outcome and ripple effect of this decision for the next 30-40 years?

o If the vote solely depended on me, am I confident enough about all the outcomes to take responsibility for them?

  1. Which decision reflects honesty, integrity, and truth, thereby inviting the blessings of the Lord who promises to bless those who walk in His ways?

o Have I received wise and godly counsel on the matter or is any portion of my decision based on self interest?

Board members, citizens of this county deserve for you to use your power to protect. Those living in the footprint are subject to the consequences of these decisions for the next 30-40 years of their life; use your position of public service to protect them. Long-term blessings from God are far more profitable than short-term failed promises from evil. You NEVER go wrong abiding by the Word of God, and His Word is clear on matters of virtue. DeWitt County is counting on you to not be deceived, but to exercise wisdom. In the end, that’s all that matters. I am in your corner, praying for you to bravely apply these principles as you deliberate!

Olivia Klemm