Why not DeWitt County first?


To the DeWitt County Board

In all my life, and I suspect the majority of the folks on this call tonight,  I have never experienced a time of so much uncertainty. It most definitely has had a profound impact in the way we go about our lives, and the spectrum of emotions that each of us in DeWitt County have endured over the past couple of months. For some the emotions spawn from the fear that they themselves and/or their loved ones may contract the COVID19 virus, which in some cases would be life threatening. 

Each day that passes in Illinois under the dictatorship through the Executive Orders from the Governor of IL,  our friends and families are more disfranchised with the unknown, our government and how much of our lives may be permanently altered once we return to the new normal.

There have been many shining examples come to light in the recent days from surrounding counties and local governments that are taking a stance for their residents. These county officials have been working hard to make sure that they are protecting the interest of their counties. 

So it’s with these aforementioned statements about all the concerns and uncertainties of all our local hard working residents, along decisions around postponement of ZBA and RPC meetings, it has me wondering…

What was the criteria, the rationale, the thought process that went in to determining that the special board meeting to simply vote on the approval of a Special Use Permit on June 2, for a foreign owned energy conglomerate superseded and took priority over working together as ONE Dewitt County to figure out how we get back to our new normal as soon as possible…

The DeWitt County Board, the elected servant leaders for DeWitt County owe a response to the residents. Why not DeWitt County first?

Aaron Kammeyer

DeWitt County Resident