Wind proposal same thing in the same place


The DeWitt County wind proposal is still the same thing in the same place, within the 'mitigation zone' of NWS Doppler radar. Why not call it “The White Tornado?” Revising this second SUP, 92 out of 118 non-participants will have INCREASED shadow flicker.

David Loomis, their "expert," likes all of the benefits of importing wind energy. This will create GDP somewhere. For Denmark, China, and many places, this offers tremendous opportunity. Their study does not analyze net jobs. It analyzes the gross jobs that the new wind farm development supports. Gross. (page 14 of the EIS)

As far as benefitting our local economy, I disagree with their sales pitch. I guess industry "experts on wind energy" don’t talk about cash value. The bottom line is this. It's about 43 cents on the dollar.

Their sales pitch "$22 million in revenue for Clinton schools" has a “cash value” of around $ 10 million. Similarly, $ 4.6 million for the county is worth around $ 2 million.

The “cash value” for each tower in this scheme is about $ 158,000.

Landowners will, of course, receive 30,000 tons of concrete they’ll get to keep. That’s fine. Irreversibly alter the value and character of their land, for a present value of $158,000

Same scheme as those TV commercials, "Sell your structured annuity."

No thanks; sorry gentlemen, I will need to offer additional commentary on your financial analysis as this will affect a critically important land use decision that affects my county.         

See you in January.

Bradley D. Barnes, MBA