Would the county guarantee my property value against the wind farm?


As surely as the sun comes up in the east, the wind farms are going to try again to push their way into our environment.  In the meetings that I attended concerning this issue, the audience was overwhelmingly against the wind farms.

As I drive around our community,  I can easily see that the number of “no” wind farm signs greatly outnumbers the “yes” wind farm signs.  Yet, when it came to a vote, our county board was nearly a tie.  Something is terribly wrong somewhere.

I openly state that I do not want turbines polluting our open horizons, and I have expressed myself on numerous occasions.  Other than the wind farms themselves, remarkably few individuals have openly expressed opinions in favor of the wind farms.  Though the reasons for opposition to the wind farms are many and valid, my overriding concern is the devaluation of my property value.  I am a non-farmer who has chosen to live in a rural environment, and it appears that more and more people are choosing to move to DeWitt County from surrounding cities.  As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with our becoming a bedroom community and a refuge for those wishing to move here.

If anyone can show me that having wind turbines blotting the horizon as far as the eye can see will increase the value of my property, I sincerely wish to see such evidence.  However, I cannot see how living among a vast industrial complex can be an asset to property values.

I would rest much better at night if our county board or the wind farms themselves would assure me and others that the value of what we have worked for will not decrease should the wind farms succeed.  Like many others, I wish to leave to my child something from the fruits of my labor.

If the value of my property is devalued because our county board insists on approving the wind farms, I would greatly appreciate it if they would guarantee that what I wish to pass on to my child will not be decreased because of their actions.

Paul Williams