New junior high baseball coach conducts practice, holds try-outs

CLINTON — When there seems to be nothing in sports, you can always find something.  

After covering the football team practice, JFL (Junior Football League) practice, and the junior high softball team camp and tryouts, the trail seemed cold for sports until the season’s start.  However, there was to be more to the story.  

The junior high baseball team was left in limbo when their coach resigned prior to the start of practice this season.  But, new coach, Nate Ennis, has agreed to take the position. 

Practices now have been under way, and the first two days of this week the team tryouts were held.  

Approximately 30 young players (6th, 7th, and 8th graders) were on the field giving it their all.  By Wednesday morning the team was pared down to the required number of players for an “A” squad and a “B” squad, so practice can start in earnest for the season’s start in about a week.  

The new coach has said that there will be some changes made in attitude and tactics this year to hopefully have a more productive outcome throughout the season. 

Ennis is behind his players and expects them to give it their best.


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