Clinton hosts 'Turkey Tussle'


CLINTON — For the fifth year in a row the Lady Maroons of Clinton High School (CHS) hosted the "Turkey Tussle" to start the season. 

There are eight teams in two pools (Cranberry and Stuffing) playing at two venues (CHS and Riverton) for the week preceding turkey day.  The final games for placement were held at CHS on Saturday, November 17.  This year's tournament was kind to the home team, taking a 3-0 record into the final round and placing them in the championship game.  However, they were matched with tournament newcomer Buffalo/Tri-City (the Tornadoes), who lived up to their nickname. 

The Lady Tornadoes played the Lady Maroons the entire game, taking a 24-8 lead in the first quarter and never looking back.  In this game the home team was out shot and out rebounded by a very talented and efficient team. 

The Lady Maroons ended the with a 57-39 loss, but started their season with a 3-1 record.