Local kids get tips from major league pitcher


CLINTON — Major League left-handed pitcher Pat Perry came to town for a baseball camp on June 14- 16. 

Perry, who has played for the Cardinals and the Cubs, along with a couple of other teams, has been teaching baseball to young players for approximately 30 years. 

After baseball, Perry had no idea what to do in retirement.  A friend asked him to help with a baseball camp; so he did.  After the camp, Perry told his friend he was lacking something in his approach to the camp. 

“You don’t care,”  Pat told him. 

So, Pat began his own camps and has kept going all these years teaching baseball basics and skills and instilling an enthusiasm for the game.  After the final day, this reporter was ready to go on the field and “play ball.”

The camp ran from around age 9-teens.  The final part of the camp was round- robin competition among teams in each age group.  With Perry and his five assistants,  being local athletes teaching their younger ball players, the game filled the three Wallace Park diamonds with a lot of baseball. 

The enthusiasm of the youth was high, and Perry noted several players as outstanding and hopes they will continue in the game as far as it takes them. 

Perry also said  he “loves the challenges of teaching” and has an energy for the game that is remarkable after all these years. 

About 40-50 youth were at the camp from all around central Illinois.  Pat also commended Tony Douglas for sponsoring and making the necessary arrangements so the camp was possible.