Lots of fun, but some disappointment on Clinton’s Homecoming night


CLINTON — The week had many events at Clinton High School, such as different dress-up days, and community participation with window art.  

Clayton Welch and Olivia Earle were crowned king and queen, plus there was the homecoming parade.  

Two events that stood out.

First was the annual “Powder Puff” game between the Junior and Senior class Lady Maroons.  This is usually entertaining, and this year did not disappoint, from the “flag” football game with its tackles to the male cheerleaders and their performances at halftime.  And the coaches were their fellow students.  

As for the game, it was intense on the part of the seniors.  They came prepared for battle.

On the first play, the juniors passed and it was intercepted and run back for a touchdown (TD) plus an extra point run for another point (two points for a passing extra point) starting the game with a 7-0 lead by the senior team.  

Then, on the Seniors first possession, they ran the ball for another TD, this time with no extra point for a 13-0 lead.  After some tussles back and forth, the Seniors again intercepted a pass and on the first play from scrimmage score again, this time completing a pass for the extra point and raising the score to 21-0.  

To end the first half, the Seniors tagged on one more TD with no extra point for a 27-0 ending score.  The second half was a tussle in the trenches as neither team scored.  The Seniors thought they had scored one final touchdown, but the receiver had run through the end zone and caught the ball out-of-bounds for no score.

Then there was the Homecoming football game against conference tough guys, the St. Teresa Bulldogs.  

They have been dominant for four years due to an outstanding running back and now continue the onslaught with a new replacement.  

The Bulldogs were totally dominant on this night, holding the hometown Maroons scoreless, while scoring easily.  The opposition racked up a 42-0 win with two TDs in the first quarter, one in each of the second and third quarters and another two TD’s in the final quarter.