Maroons’ season ends on a slippery slope


CLINTON — The Clinton Maroons battled all season to stay near an even season in wins and losses, however the drain of lost practice time and a tough make-up game schedule took its toll.  

The last regular scheduled season game was at Taylorville, where the Tornadoes were more than the Maroons could handle, even though they battled mightily.  

The Maroons scored first in the top of inning number one with 2 runs only to be topped by the Tornadoes with 5 runs.  The second inning began with Clinton tying the game only to have the opposition again retake the lead with 2 runs of their own.  

The third inning was almost the same with the Maroons scoring 3 to take an 8-7 lead, however, the Tornadoes whipped up a storm in the bottom of the inning and scored 13 runs to put the cap on the game.  

The fourth inning saw the Clinton add 3 runs to Taylorville’s 6 and the Maroons added only one more in the fifth inning to end the game with an unbelievable 26-12 loss.  

Both teams committed 3 errors.  The Tornadoes scored 26 runs on 7 hits, while the Maroons had 12 runs on 14 hits.  Garrett Wayne (1-3) took the loss for the Maroons.  Offensively, the Maroons looked very good with Drew Stacey leading the way at 2-2 and a double followed by Braden Cross at 2-4 and a solo home run, Michael Oswald at 2-4, Garrett Wayne at 3-3 with a 2 run home run, Logan Petersen going 1-2 with a double and Cameron and Rustin Wertz with a double each.

The Maroons then traveled to Pontiac for the start of the regional playoffs, where they took on the Pontiac Indians.  

The Maroons tribulations seemed to follow them into this game as the Indians scored first in the bottom of the second inning to take a 5-0 lead.  

The Maroons came back in the third with two runs of their own.  Then in the fifth inning, Pontiac added 2 more insurance runs.  

The Maroons added one more run in the seventh taking a 7-3 loss.  The Maroons had 3 runs on four hits and 4 errors while the Indians had 7 runs on seven hits and one error. Clinton ends the season at 8-12.  Michael Oswald (3-4) took the loss for the Maroons, but lead the offense with 2-4 hitting and adding 3 RBI’s.  Braden Cross and Logan Petersen each had a double.

TEAM            1  2  3  4  5  6  7     Final     

Clinton          2  3  3  3  1              12

Taylorville      5  2 13 6  X              26

Clinton          0  0  2  0  0  0  1       3

Pontiac          0  5  0  0  2  0  X       7