Maroons’ streak broken by back-and-forth loss to Warriors


CLINTON — The fifth week of “Friday Night Lights” brought a home game to Sprague Field for the Maroons in the form of the Tuscola Warriors.  

The stands were packed as the game began.  In the first quarter, the teams were establishing their territories as Clinton got an interception but couldn’t capitalize on the good luck.  With approximately three minutes left in the quarter, Tuscola moved down field but couldn’t punch the ball in for a touchdown (TD) settling for a field goal to take the early lead 3-0.  

A few second into the second quarter, the Maroons tied the game with a field goal of their own.  On the ensuing kick-off the Warriors ran the field for a TD and an extra point to regain the lead 10-3.  

After some shuffling up and down the field, the Maroons got a safety on the Warriors to bring the score to 10-5.  With less than a minute left in the quarter the Warriors kicked another field goal for a 13-5 lead.  

Not to be left behind, the Maroons’ Kolby Winter took the following kick-off from Tuscola 98 yards for a TD.  The Maroons were then unsuccessful in a two-point conversion to leave a score at 13-11 going into halftime.  

The third quarter saw Clinton with a fumble recovery but no movement into the end zone.  the rest of the quarter was back and forth with no points scored.  

The final stanza of the game went to the opposition as they scored and added an extra point a couple of minutes into the quarter to extend their lead and take the Maroons out of the game.  

The Maroon defense held well in the final minutes denying a Warrior TD and field goal attempt, but there was no offense left in the Maroons going down in defeat 20-11.  

The Maroons were led by Quarterback Ty Nerter with 6 of 19 passing for 31 yards, Tyrese Petty with 15 carries for 85 yards and Kolby Winter with 7 carries for 79 yards plus the 98 yard kick-off return.  The Maroon defense was strong in the game with one safety scored, two quarterback sacks, two fumble recoveries and an interception.  

Clinton is now 4-1 overall and 2-1 in conference play (tied with Tuscola). 

1) The Maroons were ready to play with the initial kick-off

2) 3) 4) Although it was a tough loss, there was great support from the fans